Meet The Team

Giorgos Riskas

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Giorgos is a Game Designer/Unity Developer currently based in Helsinki. He's been part of the project since the game's inception in 2014. When he’s not working on his day job, he’s working on the game as Project Manager, Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, and scriptwriter.

In his free time, he likes to watch movies and have strong opinions about them, going to the gym, and listening to podcasts.

As a 90s kid, he’s programmed to like 2d platform games with Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country being his favorites and he thinks that "My Name's Guybrush Threepwood, And I Want To Be A Pirate!" is the best one-liner origin story that has ever existed.


Roope Sorvo

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Roope Sorvo is an animation student currently based in Turku. He’s been on board Hank’s Voyage since 2015, and has during that period worked on character design, key art, animation, cutscene art, scriptwriting and story editing. Most of the bad jokes are his.

In his free time he enjoys drawing, writing, D&D, and obsessing over music, and occasionally does freelance illustration and graphic design work.


His favourite games include Psychonauts, Rock Band, and Return of the Obra Dinn.

Olli Simanainen

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Olli Simanainen is a game design graduate based in Hyvinkää. He joined Hank’s Voyage team in 2019 as an environment artist. He’s been mostly in charge of creating the environment assets and pitching in for UI elements and VFX.

He enjoys drawing the colorful and painterly environments for Hank’s Voyage and working in a small team as it enables participating in many facets of the project. In his free time, he reads, plays tabletop games, and paints miniatures. And drinks coffee. A lot of coffee.


Favorite games include Battle Brothers, Paradox Grand strategies, and the ones played with a bunch of friends

Julia Mikhailova

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Julia is a Graphic/Video Designer currently based in Helsinki. She joined Hank’s Voyage in early 2019 and has been working on UI/ UX design ever since.

The main reason why she enjoys working on the project is her love for 2D platform games, adventures, Jazz, and a team that is great to work with. It’s almost too convenient that we can offer all of these things.

She loves traveling, hiking, creating animations, watching cartoons, and eating pizza. She spends most of her free time with her family and friends and/or watching Netflix.

Tiitus Ylipää

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Tiitus Ylipää is a versatile music professional. In his day job he sings in operas and teaches singing and on the side he composes and sound designs. He also makes electronic music as the moniker ”Cal Bento”. He got on board Hank's Voyage in 2019 and has composed the music and done the sound design.

When he is not working he likes to skateboard, do yoga and read books. His music taste ranges from orchestral music through Japanese imperial court music to avant-garde electronic music. He fantasizes about having a yard where to cultivate plants when he has the guts to move out of the city. One day.